Slip and Fall Prevention

Good tips to help keep you safe.

As you may know, half of all slips and falls happen at home. Most happen while performing everyday activities – reaching for objects overhead, climbing on a step stool, or walking down the stairs – and if you have kids, then this list grows exponentially. In addition, it is estimated that one in three adults over the age of 65 will have a slip or fall every year and these can lead to injuries like head trauma or bone fractures.


Here is a list of some things you can consider doing in your home; things to look out for. Some minor repairs or upgrades could help minimize an injury from a slip or fall or could prevent it from happening at all.

Slip & Fall Prevention

All Rooms

  • Install carpet with short, dense pile.
  • Secure rugs with double-sided carpet tape and make thresholds even.
  • Make sure electrical and extension cords are out of the way.
  • Keep exits and hallways open.
  • Provide bright, evenly distributed light.
  • Use lampshades that reduce glare.
  • Make sure light switches and electrical outlets are easy to reach.
  • Use night-lights.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • Get sturdy step stools – preferably with handrails – to reach upper shelves.
  • Avoid using floor wax.
  • Use rubber bathmats or strips in bathtubs and showers.
  • Install at least two grab bars in the bath.
  • Secure bathroom rugs to the floor.
  • Use raised toilet seats and/or install handrails near the toilet.


  • Be sure there is adequate lighting to get safely in and out of the house.
  • Install handrails along any flight of outdoor steps.
  • Buy sand or salt for icy walkways.
  • Keep steps, sidewalks, decks & porches clear of newspapers, sticks, rocks, wet leaves & other debris.
  • Repair broken or uneven pavement on walkways and driveways.
  • Remove shrub or tree roots sticking out of the ground.