Healthy Habits for Life, Nutrition, & Fitness

Healthy Habits and Nutrition

Healthy Habits for Life:

  • Monitor what you eat and when you are eating to
  • Record your physical activity: how long, how often and how hard do you work out?
  • Eat only at the kitchen table. Don’t drive, watch television or talk on the phone while you eat. This helps you focus on how much you are eating, which can prevent overeating.
  • Put out your exercise clothes the night before as a reminder to walk or work out in the morning.
  • Set goals you can achieve. For example, aim for eating more vegetables and fewer high-calorie foods.
  • Don’t “up size” your favorite drink – 32 oz. of regular soda has up to 400 calories! Choose water or a diet drink instead.
  • Eat only until you’re not hungry and push the plate away. Don’t stuff yourself.
  • Eat only because you’re hungry, not because you’re bored, tired or stressed. Use alternatives to eating when you’re not hungry: take a walk, play a game, read a book or call a friend.
  • Do your grocery shopping on a full stomach. This will help you make healthier food choices, rather than grabbing over-processed high-calorie foods, which can be hard to resist when your stomach is empty.

Healthy Nutrition & Fitness Habits for Children:

  • Limit your child’s sedentary activities, such as watching TV, playing video or computer games or just sitting down without activity.
  • Encourage your child to be involved in moderate to vigorous active play for at least one hour each day.
  • Stock the pantry and refrigerator with healthy and easy choices.
  • Offer hungry kids healthful snacks such as, fresh fruit and veggies, string cheese with whole grain crackers, or chips and salsa.
  • Limit the amount of liquid calories available such as soda pop, fruit drinks and other sugar sweetened beverages.  Encourage kids to drink plenty of water, nonfat milk or 100% fruit juices as the drink of choice.